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Jade Goody has been in all our hearts and minds recently as she battles with cervical cancer. It is always tragic when a young person receives such devastating news and while Jade is choosing to live out her battle through the media, most people have a much more private and lonely experience.

No-one should have to suffer in silence or feel alone in their experience. Even those with close family networks can often find it easier to open up about their fears to a complete stranger. Talking to a stranger who understands where you are coming from, because they have been there too, is the best of all. And this very often is just the start of Deep and lasting friendships.

This is the premise of Cancer Buddies Network (, a website where thousands of people are able to join forces and find strength from others who are going through similar experiences. Knowing you are not alone brings comfort and relief and a real shoulder to cry on when needed. Sharing all the ups and downs with others who understand, can make all the difference to your journey.

The website is the brainchild of Jan Rutter who, on being diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, found that having a buddy who was going through the same thing was exceptionally comforting. "Bringing people together online benefits everyone," says Jan. "Whether it's the middle of the night or because you feel you can't burden your family any more, Cancer Buddies Network is there for you so no-one ever need feel alone. You only need to read through some of the exchanges to see how people are being helped by the friendship and empathy of total strangers." CBN Patron and top Oncologist, Professor Ian Smith of the Royal Marsden Hospital has first hand experience of seeing patients and their families who are frightened and worried about the impact that cancer will have on their lives and how it will affect them. "I have learnt that patients cope better when they are able to talk about what they are going through and share their experiences with someone who understands," says Professor Smith. Cancer Buddies Network continues to reach people all over world and help them in their hour of need.

Anyone can sign up and it's free, so if you've been affected by cancer in any form whatsoever, whether you've had it yourself, or you are a relative, friend or Carer, take a visit and see for yourself how you can find strength in numbers and meet your cancer buddy today.

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