New Fundraising Idea

Over the past 2 years Andrew and I have done a lot of fundraising in Andrew's daughter, Rose's, memory. We hit our £10,000 target in November 2008 and have now set our sights on £15,000 by the end of 2009!

As part of this, yesterday we announced a new project we will be working to our friends in the photography community. Here is the post Andrew made about the idea...

"Many of you might know that today would have been my daughters 25th Birthday. Since her death just over 2 years ago myself and Natalya (Talj) have been involved in various fundraising activities.

This year we have decided to publish a photographic coffee table book and any profit from sales will be given to charity and this is where we would like to enlist the help of as many dpc'ers as possible.

In a nutshell we want people to go out during the month of March and take a photograph that might depict 'hope' in some way (I've seen peoples ideas of challenge titles so am expecting some shoehorned shots).

Langdon has agreed to allow the book to carry the dpc logo and we are discussing others ways DPC might help us. The book should be on sale from 1st November 2009.

If you'd like more info then either post away here or visit BTBuddies to read more about the how and why we are doing this. Please note the site talks about High Grade Brain Tumours so may upset some visitors. You can sign up either by pm from here to (Talj) or myself or via the contact us form on the website.

What will it cost you? well, the only thing I can think of is the time it takes you to go out and shoot the image and of course donating the image rather than selling it, the copyright remains with the photographer and we would just ask for permission to possibly use it in the book and/or on any publicity media we may use (a more detailed notice will be written prior to requesting any image)."

Now, this is where you come in! Along with these images I would like to share YOUR ideas of HOPE. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, family member or friend of someone with a Brain Tumour, all you would need to do is contact us with your thoughts on what hope is, what it means to you, how it has helped you etc etc It only needs to be a short piece and the deadline is May 1st so you have a couple of months to gather your thoughts!

Obviously you are welcome to submit a photograph too if you want, the more the merrier!

Thank-you in advance for your contributions to this project.

Your BT Buddy,